Maintenance of Spanish Garden Furniture

Every garden furniture requires proper maintenance and Spanish garden furniture is no exception. Although the name “garden“ suggests that this type of furniture is suitable for outdoor use, it is important to be aware that no garden furniture is immune to the effects of the weather and other outdoor elements. There are a few materials that withstand the harsh outdoor conditions exceptionally well and the maintenance of Spanish garden furniture therefore primarily depends on the material of which it is made.

Spanish garden furniture is made with attention to the  Mediterranean climate  and the demands of the Spanish market which is why it may require more attention if living in the United Kingdom. As already mentioned earlier, maintenance of Spanish garden furniture primarily depends on the type of material of which it is made. If you like convenience, you should be very careful in the selection of Spanish garden furniture and choose a material requiring minimal care and maintenance to keep it beautiful. Some of the best choices include stone, stainless steel and teak which require virtually no care and protection from the effects of the weather including rain, rust and insects enabling you to enjoy the beauty of your garden furniture without spending much time for protecting it from harsh outdoor conditions.


If you already bought Spanish garden furniture which is not made from the above mentioned materials, you should take care of your furniture as best as you can in order to keep it beautiful for many years to come as well as to extend its life. Check the specifications that came with your furniture if you are not sure of what kind of material it is made. Do not assume that wood is wood for instance because the maintenance required varies greatly from one type of wood to another. Teak for example does not need any kind of protection against the harsh weather conditions not even from rain and intense UV radiation or from insects due to its extraordinary properties.

Most other types of wood including hardwoods such as oak do not withstand the weather elements and insects particularly well. They need proper protection from rain and moisture or/and various protective coatings to prevent insect infestation, fading of the colour as a result of exposure to intense sunlight, cracking, development of mould and mildew, etc. As you see, it is very important to know of what type of wood your Spanish garden furniture is made to provide it proper care. If you cannot find the specifications, contact the store at which you have bought your garden furniture and ask of what type of wood it is made.

Metal seems a convenient choice because it will not crack, break, become a home to insects nor be affected by mould and mildew. However, it is not resistant to water and moisture. If your Spanish garden furniture is made of metal or features metal parts, be sure to treat it with anti-corrosion paint if you do not want it to rust.